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About Us: Livingston Corporate Law and Property Lawyers

P.C. McFarlane & Co. was established in 1998 and comprises a team of expert business and property solicitors with more than 50 years of combined experience. We understand that hiring a lawyer is a crucial decision, and we believe that finding a lawyer you like and trust is just as important as finding one with knowledge and experience. We enjoy coming to work every day. We like the clients we act for. We also want you to enjoy your dealings with our firm and to feel that we were helpful, effective and value for money. At P.C. McFarlane & Co., we try to understand our clients' needs and goals and to have long-term relationships.

In addition to our experience, skill and a commitment to achieving results for our clients, we offer the following benefits:

  • Personal attention and direct access: Because we are not a large city law firm, our solicitors are able to provide personal attention, responsiveness and accessibility. When you instruct P.C. McFarlane & Co., you will have direct contact with the senior lawyer who will manage your task.
  • Network of trusted partners: At P.C. McFarlane & Co., we are well-connected chamber solicitors, and we are associated with several specialist firms. If your legal needs fall outside the scope of our expertise, we will not hesitate to connect you with one of our preferred and trusted partners.
  • Realistic pricing: Our location outside the city allows us to maintain realistic pricing levels. While we expect to be paid for the skills and experience we apply, we also strive to provide a high level of value for the money.
  • Fair and reasonable fees: For some items of work, we can quote you a fixed fee. Where, however, the work is open-ended, you will always be told how the fee will be calculated before you commit to us. Additionally, if at the end of the task you do not agree that the fee we have charged is fair and reasonable for the work done, then we will always agree with you to the file being given to an independent person, such as an officer of the Court, asking them to fix a fair fee. You can be sure therefore that you will never pay more than a fair and reasonable fee for our work.

Finally, we are a lawyers' law firm. We find it satisfying that among our clients are other lawyers, law firms and other professionals such as accountants. We believe this speaks to the quality of our services and reputation, and hope it gives you confidence.

P.C. McFarlane & Co. offers free initial consultations to give you an opportunity to meet us, discuss your needs and learn about our approach. Call 01506 668941 or contact us online to schedule a meeting with one of our knowledgeable Livingston corporate law and property lawyers today.

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What Our Clients Say
  • "The most approachable and helpful lawyer we have dealt with"
  • "She is so committed and cheerfully goes the extra mile to make the transaction happen"
  • "They brought over their U.S. Attorneys but Peter was more than a match for them"
  • "Great value for money. They don't live by the fee clock"
  • "You don't end up dealing with a junior. Because he's so busy you can't always get to speak to him there and then but it is worth having him onside"
  • "I'm glad we were introduced. I learned more from an hour with you than I ever did from my previous firm."
  • "I consider you to be my best adviser"
  • "Without you advice, guidance and regular reassurance I don't think we would have achieved my goal"
  • "For all you have done I thank you from the bottom of my heart"
  • "Your advice was always sound, mature and oriented to a solution. We were pleasantly surprised that we could source this work in West Lothian"
  • "Terrier"
  • "As you know we used to have our work done by a city firm. Changing to you has worked to our advantage in terms of value and relationships. We prefer to deal at a senior level rather than be delegated down."
  • "I never felt I needed to reach for a big city firm. They know what they are doing."
  • "It is unusual to find this work and quality outside big firms."
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P.C. McFarlane & Co.
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Livingston, West Lothian
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Fax: 01506 497177