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  • 29th August 2013
    When I was at university, a long time ago, there was a compulsory course in Jurisprudence. This covered the theories of law and issues such as why do citizens adopt and submit to legal systems. One idea is that we all accept legal regulation because it makes life in society easier. If there is anarchy and survival of the fittest then while some would win out, the majority would not so in practice we all think that on balance it is better for life in society to be regulated by law and that we should submit to it. However, this assumes that law serves society and keeps pace with and remains relevant to changes in social thinking. continue reading.
  • 15th November 2012
    This is a long and rather dry look at topics that seem to be of real interest to individual clients. The topics themselves are complicated and we don't apologise for giving you detailed thoughts. There seems to be a few misunderstandings around and regrettably we also encounter clients who are being recommended by others to follow particular directions that may not achieve their intended purpose. We hope that if you read this to the end that you will be better and more honestly informed and, who knows, you might save yourself a few pounds! continue reading.
  • 1st November 2012

    Do you know that if you are a committee member of a club you may be personally liable for its debts? This is true if the club is an unincorporated association.So what is an unincorporated association and who is liable for its actions? continue reading.

  • 7th August 2012
    We are frequently approached by people looking to protect something they have created and that they hope will have economic value. This can be a brand, name, product or just an idea. We thought it would be useful to give a brief introduction to this interesting area of law ----- continue reading

  • 19th July 2012

    If you are the landlord of residential property taking deposits from tenants then life has just become a whole lot harder................... continue reading

  • 6th July 2012
    Thinking of setting up your own business.....This is a a whistle-stop guide to some different structures....and also our advice!   Sole Trader:  Simply the business and the owner are the same person; there is no legal distinction. The owner receives all of the profits, owns all of the assets and makes all of the decisions. The quickest, easiest and cheapest form. However the sole trader has unlimited liability; they are personally responsible for all of the business debts.  continue reading

  • 18th May 2012
    What does a good lawyer look at first when you show him/her the lease of a commercial property you intend to take on as a tenant? Is it the rent? No. Is it the length? No. Is it the plan? No. Although all of these will be discussed with you later. The big focus should be on the repairing obligation. This is where the killer unexpected cost can hit you. continue reading.
  • 26th April 2012
    Unbelievable but true! How can you buy the wrong house? Many people believe that conveyancing is just a mechanical process. I once had someone tell me that "a trained monkey could do it"! This was not intended to be a compliment on the intellect of monkeys, but an insult to human conveyancers. continue reading.
  • 4th April 2012
    We have been advertising a job recently...a Traineeship. In Scotland the usual route to qualification as a solicitor is to take a four year law degree, a one year Diploma and then a two year training period in an office. It's a long road and the tragedy of the recession is that there have been many fewer Traineeships on offer over recent years as firms downsized. Youngsters have done their degrees and diplomas and then reached a road block. They can go no further to qualify. A really sad situation. continue reading.
  • 1st April 2012
    Welcome to the new web site. Welcome to the new Blog! Blogging is a learning experience for me and I hope and expect blogging skills will develop over time. I don't think lawyers and the law are intrinsically interesting subjects for most people. I suspect most people enjoy a juicy criminal case or a celebrity litigation but since my firm does no crime and no litigation we are left with the drier stuff. continue reading.
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