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4th April 2012

We have been advertising a job recently...a Traineeship. In Scotland the usual route to qualification as a solicitor is to take a four year law degree, a one year Diploma and then a two year training period in an office. It's a long road and the tragedy of the recession is that there have been many fewer Traineeships on offer over recent years as firms downsized. Youngsters have done their degrees and diplomas and then reached a road block. They can go no further to qualify. A really sad situation.

We have been deluged by applications. Dozens and dozens and the real tragedy is that the vast bulk of them sound like the sort of people anyone would be delighted to employ. Most have done or are doing voluntary work and/or any old job while they hang around trying to get fixed up. They are not sitting back moaning about things. They are using their energies and talents in the charity sector in lots of different ways and earning money in part time menial low paid jobs. Their various achievements are impressive. I wish we could take on a dozen.

We are able to offer a Traineeship because since the end of last year we have seen a marked increase in business of all types and need to expand staff numbers again. That's great. Maybe there are green shoots. I don't understand macro economics. I simply imagine that if our small firm are hiring a couple of people then if you multiply that by ten thousand small firms the slow economic ship will start to turn. Macroeconomics is just micro economics multiplied up?

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  • "The most approachable and helpful lawyer we have dealt with"
  • "She is so committed and cheerfully goes the extra mile to make the transaction happen"
  • "They brought over their U.S. Attorneys but Peter was more than a match for them"
  • "Great value for money. They don't live by the fee clock"
  • "You don't end up dealing with a junior. Because he's so busy you can't always get to speak to him there and then but it is worth having him onside"
  • "I'm glad we were introduced. I learned more from an hour with you than I ever did from my previous firm."
  • "I consider you to be my best adviser"
  • "Without you advice, guidance and regular reassurance I don't think we would have achieved my goal"
  • "For all you have done I thank you from the bottom of my heart"
  • "Your advice was always sound, mature and oriented to a solution. We were pleasantly surprised that we could source this work in West Lothian"
  • "Terrier"
  • "As you know we used to have our work done by a city firm. Changing to you has worked to our advantage in terms of value and relationships. We prefer to deal at a senior level rather than be delegated down."
  • "I never felt I needed to reach for a big city firm. They know what they are doing."
  • "It is unusual to find this work and quality outside big firms."
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