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Livingston Commercial Property Solicitors

Buying, selling, developing and leasing commercial property are complex tasks that require skill and experience. Even the most astute businessperson can benefit from instructing a knowledgeable lawyer to oversee a commercial property transaction. At P.C. McFarlane & Co., we can help you avoid the pitfalls inherent in commercial property matters, and we will work hard to protect your interests now and into the future.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, you can be sure our solicitors are not learning on the job at your expense.

Because we are not a big city law firm, we are able to offer realistic pricing. We understand the concept of value for money, and we believe this is an area where we shine. Our solicitors are also dedicated to providing efficient, personalised service, and communicating clearly and effectively.

Site Acquisitions, Property Development and Commercial Leases: Solicitors Serving Edinburgh, Glasgow and West Lothian

Our lawyers work for commercial property owners, buyers, landlords, tenants and lenders involved in a wide range of commercial property transactions, including:

  • Leasing for and to businesses
  • Site acquisitions for developers
  • Site assembly for residential developers
  • Industrial property transactions
  • Shop leases
  • Due Diligence Reports for lenders, investors and buyers

Recently completed instructions include contracts for the sale of residential development land, including overage provisions, acquisition of two large factories, and leasing industrial premises in multi-occupancy including the insertion of an intermediate lease. Our experience is very broad.

Particularly interesting has been a spate of instructions involving property transfers to SIPP's including stamp duty land tax issues relating transfers of a going concern.

Please don't agree to anything without talking to us. Experience tells us what to look for and how to avoid mistakes that could cost you and your business a great deal of time and money.

We offer free initial consultations to give you an opportunity to meet us, discuss your needs and learn about our approach. Call 01506 668941 or contact us online to schedule a meeting with one of our knowledgeable Livingston commercial property lawyers today.

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What Our Clients Say
  • "The most approachable and helpful lawyer we have dealt with"
  • "She is so committed and cheerfully goes the extra mile to make the transaction happen"
  • "They brought over their U.S. Attorneys but Peter was more than a match for them"
  • "Great value for money. They don't live by the fee clock"
  • "You don't end up dealing with a junior. Because he's so busy you can't always get to speak to him there and then but it is worth having him onside"
  • "I'm glad we were introduced. I learned more from an hour with you than I ever did from my previous firm."
  • "I consider you to be my best adviser"
  • "Without you advice, guidance and regular reassurance I don't think we would have achieved my goal"
  • "For all you have done I thank you from the bottom of my heart"
  • "Your advice was always sound, mature and oriented to a solution. We were pleasantly surprised that we could source this work in West Lothian"
  • "Terrier"
  • "As you know we used to have our work done by a city firm. Changing to you has worked to our advantage in terms of value and relationships. We prefer to deal at a senior level rather than be delegated down."
  • "I never felt I needed to reach for a big city firm. They know what they are doing."
  • "It is unusual to find this work and quality outside big firms."
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