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Livingston Wills and Successions Solicitors

Fixed Fee Wills and Powers of Attorney

At P.C. McFarlane & Co., we assist individuals and families in preparing for the future or the unexpected through wills. An effective will drafted by our knowledgeable lawyers will ensure that your house, your money and your personal property are distributed to the beneficiaries of your choice. Our solicitors will also assist you in understanding, examining and planning for inheritance tax implications.

Our fixed fee for wills is £200+VAT. Where a husband and wife or civil partners each make largely corresponding wills in favour of the other, we charge £300+VAT to cover both wills. This includes a full discussion about your family situation, your wishes and the alternatives that may be possible. We will cover any aspect that concerns you. We then draft your will and adjust it with you until you are completely satisfied, no matter how many conversations we may need to achieve this.

In addition to wills, we may discuss with you and recommend other estate planning documents such as:

  • Powers of attorney (fixed fee £175 + VAT plus the registration fee charged by the office of the Public Guardian)
  • Guardianship
  • Trusts, including trusts for the disabled

With today's modern and complex family structures, an expert solicitor is needed to properly advise on and draft a will.

Death, Executries and Succession: Solicitors Serving Edinburgh, Glasgow and West Lothian

Our lawyers have assisted countless clients in winding up the affairs of their loved ones. We understand this is a difficult time for you. We empathise and understand because we have been there ourselves. We know that managing the administration of your family member's estate can be overwhelming at a time like this. Our job is to guide you through the process with as little stress and as effectively and quickly as possible.

Clients have become particularly interested in Powers of Attorney, Asset Protection Trusts and the issue of Care Home fees. It maybe possible to structure your affairs to save £1,000s of pounds. Please see our detailed 15th November Blog entry.

We offer free initial consultations. Call 01506 668941 or contact us online to schedule a meeting with one of our knowledgeable Livingston wills and successions lawyers.

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What Our Clients Say
  • "The most approachable and helpful lawyer we have dealt with"
  • "She is so committed and cheerfully goes the extra mile to make the transaction happen"
  • "They brought over their U.S. Attorneys but Peter was more than a match for them"
  • "Great value for money. They don't live by the fee clock"
  • "You don't end up dealing with a junior. Because he's so busy you can't always get to speak to him there and then but it is worth having him onside"
  • "I'm glad we were introduced. I learned more from an hour with you than I ever did from my previous firm."
  • "I consider you to be my best adviser"
  • "Without you advice, guidance and regular reassurance I don't think we would have achieved my goal"
  • "For all you have done I thank you from the bottom of my heart"
  • "Your advice was always sound, mature and oriented to a solution. We were pleasantly surprised that we could source this work in West Lothian"
  • "Terrier"
  • "As you know we used to have our work done by a city firm. Changing to you has worked to our advantage in terms of value and relationships. We prefer to deal at a senior level rather than be delegated down."
  • "I never felt I needed to reach for a big city firm. They know what they are doing."
  • "It is unusual to find this work and quality outside big firms."
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